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Quest - simple solutions for a complex world 02:10

"Before we adopted OneLogin it could take days or even weeks to get a new application setup with the proper authentication. Now with OneLogin it's quick and easy."

PAUL PRENTICE | Manager IT Security & Compliance

Quest - simple solutions for a complex world 02:10

Six customers reveal how OneLogin partners with them to deliver on its value promise of security and transforming user productivity with identity management

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Cleveland Institute of Art

OneLogin’s turnkey solution enabled us to easily connect our Active Directory with Google Apps and ensure a smooth rollout of iPads to our students at the beginning of the school year.

Michael Kimmel Director of Information Technology


OneLogin was the only enterprise identity management provider that met our complex requirements, including Workday-driven identity and provisioning, secure application sharing across two newly separated organizations, as well as real-time directory synchronization.

Paul Gaffney President and CEO


OneLogin is unique in the marketplace. Tight security controls yet with a really clean interface. Easy on the eyes. Easy to navigate. And a 100% reliable service.

Michael Litz Director of Information Services


With OneLogin, I rolled out Office 365 to 4,000+ users across 35 offices in half an hour.

Collin Hachwi IT Infrastructure Manager


QAD needed a single sign-on (SSO) product that could handle a wide variety of legacy systems as well as support our preference for cloud technologies. We conducted an exhaustive evaluation, including analyzing the impact of extending our existing on-premise IAM (identity and access management) solution to the cloud. Fact is, our on-premise IAM solution would have been far too complicated to maintain. We wanted simple and extensible. We chose OneLogin.

Elizabeth Marion Business Systems Architect

Vision Critical

I love being able to assign applications to OneLogin Groups because it allows me to control access to each application via Active Directory. And if someone leaves the company, I can turn off access to all apps at once. That’s both good security and good housekeeping.

Hieg Khatcherian Manager of Information Systems


Secure cloud application access – that’s why CloudBees uses OneLogin. Our engineers log into Amazon Web Services with their unique OneLogin credentials, creating an additional security layer and enabling IT to quickly disable individual users.

Sacha Labourey Founder and CEO


Before we adopted OneLogin it could take days or even weeks to get a new application setup with the proper authentication. Now with OneLogin it’s quick and easy.

Paul Prentice Manager of IT Security Risk & Compliance

Analyte Health

We were drawn to OneLogin’s open platform. OneLogin’s SAML support and APIs enable us to add single sign-on capabilities to our internal applications.

John Donmoyer Engineering & Operations


Getting all of our apps up and running with single sign-on would have taken months using Okta. With OneLogin, it was under six weeks from the time we decided to make the switch, until it was live and we were ready for the audit.

Richard Rothschild VP of Enterprise


OneLogin’s security features go a long way in helping us establish trust with our clients. Our community managers and moderators cannot access any of the applications directly from unsecured networks. This model helps us eliminate risk and ensure that only authorized users are accessing our clients’ applications

Paul Elson Technology Manager


OneLogin helps Hailo stay PCI Compliant by centralizing access control and traceability across our corporate intranet, public cloud applications and social media accounts. I can protect privileged acces to DevOps infrastructure like Amazon Web Services by providing team members with access to dev and production accounts, but without ever having to disclose any usernames and passwords

Kevin Sandom Senior Linux Administrator

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